Post # 17 # Saturday 'Day' Fever

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John Travolta. Shining whisky glasses. Psychedelic lights. Movies. All of these things first arrived on a Saturday.

Don't search! There will be no answer on Google!

But I'm feeling like singing I Want to Break Free. The first things that arrived today were cold and fever when I got up my usual time.

From conjuring the image of John Travolta to the thermometer measuring my body temperature, it's quite a shocker. Why? Why on a Saturday?

Surely there are so many things above reason and our understanding. Why it was so sunny in the afternoon and suddenly the rain starts falling when we want to go to the market? Why the hammer was always lying on the locker and it suddenly disappears when we want to hang a picture? Why the water was always there and the tap suddenly runs dry when we go to take a dump? Why the grass is always greener on the other side? I don't want the answer, neither I want to become a victim of circumstances. Is it too much to ask for, on a Saturday?

For that matter, I don't have an appointment with the Prime Minister of India. There's nothing so important.

But I would love to catch up with some friends, like we usually do on a Saturday night. Have some drink. Have some pork. And chill out. I heard there's also a rock concert at NCC Ground tonight. I almost forgot there is also a shumang lila at Bokul Makhong.

Why? Why on a Saturday? Why?

Weekdays, I would have taken it unnecessary; Sunday, I would have taken it unwise; and so on. I should take a nap and see if I get better. Otherwise, I would just go and search for any cheap brandy. Perhaps I might get better if I take a couple of whisky pegs.     

Post # 16 # Deadening Work Experiences

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Going to work is one of the worst things that have ever happened after the creation of life on the earth. There are only moments when I feel really motivated, but these are only lasting as the onset of instances like the excruciating boredom is the last thing I have found in life. Quite painful. But the books of wisdom teach me that there should be a way out, though never easy it is.

It’s always good to see the big picture. There used to be a story of two workers who were employed in a construction firm. When asked about their daily activities, one of them replied he washed bricks, take them to the top floors, brought in the cement, all the nitty-gritty and things like that. The other replied he was building the tallest building in town. Woh-oh, what a food for thought!

Well, as a preface I work as an EC, an Error Checker. When computer experts and their subject experts finished creating their monthly magnum opus, I checked if there are any faults in their great works. Now I got some ideas from the above stories. I see the masterpieces! All of them have to pass through me. It is interesting to find that I’m the one who always give the final touch to the creation that are churned out, not once in a blue moon, but regularly.

But the anonymity is killing me. Who don’t want their names to appear on the front page of newspapers for some achievements? Life would be like a useless underwear if it is all about doing all the boring stuffs in a stuffy cubicle all life along. Every great technological invention will be as futile as a room heater in the Indian summers. I need to go and find more inspiration and motivation. 

Post # 15 # Similarities and Differences

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Some things are similar. Just take smoke and clouds. But these are as different as zenith and nadir. I was excited to feel it — the sameness and the variation, when I was traveling on a misty mountain highway in Mao. I felt, interestingly, a smell of heaven in the clouds that rushed toward us when we were driving, and I felt so glad, despite its similarities with the smoke that we see abundantly across the killing fields of my hometown, that it was truly different and so refreshing.

The moment took me to another comparison. The vibrant shades of green with the bright crimson and scarlet. The former which we saw in all the direction, making us feel fresh all along the journey; and the latter which was non-existent on that highway but what we are so used to. Bleeding red: state terrorism, destruction of the gang culture in the name of insurgency and other bloody things. Let there be olive!

The last one. We are always used to agitating news of murder and killing. Everyday the newspapers bring in stories of our decadence. But there was a different agitation. The ravines and deep gorges and the narrow, serpentine roads. Often the gorges would take our heart down through a great height that we felt nothing but happily and amusingly agitated. It is really amazing how things are different in our world.      
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